Sunday, November 29, 2009

third party input with iphone 3g update 3.1.2

ivoice III or ivoice 3 by macally was compatible and is now not compatible with iphone after the current update. Mikey is still compatible. If you don't mind the noise level u can eq a camera cable yellow is the input (i ran thru a portable eq), white and red are audio out, plug the three ring 1/8 male end into your iphone. I was out of adapters, due to another project, so I connected the rca white and red cables to a mini kp. Please remember this is just an idea and not thoroughly tested, do this at your own risk. it was a very loud recording and may damage your ears or device.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Congrats on your blog launch! I just started a channel talking about making music using the iPhone and was wondering if you'd be interested. It's still freshly minted so no one's really talking about it yet. Almost an exclusive scoop. :)

    All the best!